July/August/Sept Newsletter



 Summer greetings to all!  A successful year has concluded under the able direction of Pres. Brenda Stiles.  Many thanks to Brenda for a job well done!

New officers for 2017-18 include Janet Ellison, Pres., Susan Daniel, V.P., Margie Barbato, Sec., and Carol Pyles, Treas.  Serving on the Board of Trustees this coming year are Margie Barbato, Belinda Blinzler, Genny Cramer, Susan Daniel, Janet Ellison, Judy Everett, Gloria Eskew, Mary Hamilton, Joyce Jones, Sarah Kapp, Loretta Knutson, Jo Ann Krueger, Marion Mattlage, Joan Menchetti, Pat Pike, Carol Pyles, Suzanne Rohman, Brenda Stiles, Karen Sweeney, Judy Vanderbilt and Freda Wood.  Many thinks to this dedicated group for their continued service.

 A big shout out to our Museum Shop Committee:  Jenny Baldwin, chair, Sarah Kapp, Mary Langseth, Marion Mattlage, Carol Pyles and Judy Vanderbilt for their hard work in making the shop the success that it was!  We are excited for the possibilities of a new shop under the direction of the Springfield Art Museum.  Thanks to our many volunteers who gave countless hours in service to the shop.  If you are interested in continuing to volunteer in the new shop when it opens, let S.A.M. know!

 Congratulations to Springfield Art Museum for a successful GiveOzarks fundraising drive, surpassing their goal of $20,000 to “Revamp the Amp”; and a wonderful Watercolor USA opening reception sponsored by SMMA. 


 A new summer fundraising effort will take place—a Chrysanthemum sale; Pre-paid orders are due by Sept. 1 for delivery Sept. 18.  Call the SMMA office to place an order or request an order form.

 Sonya Wise and her enthusiastic committee are well underway with plans for the Fall Fashion Show on Mon., Oct. 23,  2017.  A Greek theme, “Aphrodite’s Afternoon Affair” will be a luncheon with entertainment, special drinks and a silent auction.  You won’t want to miss it!

 A special thanks to Amateur d’Art for their generous donation of $4,000 to the museum for Grant Wood’s hand-colored lithograph Vegetables, completing the museum’s 19-piece collection.

 SMMA is so proud of this year’s accomplishments by our art groups.  Through their support, over $30,000 was donated to the Springfield Art Museum, Placeworks, and 5th Grade transportation to the museum.

If you are interested in joining an art group, forming a new group or becoming a supporting member of SMMA, please call our office at 417/874-2869 to find out how you can be a part of this exciting organization.  Visit our website at artmuseumassociates.org, follow the link on the Springfield Art Museum’s website sgfmuseum.org, and like us on Facebook!

Janet Ellison

SMMA President


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